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Tweed Seasports

Tweed Seasports – Cook Island, Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia

Location: Cook Island (Turtle Island), New South Wales, Australia.

Cook Island is located 800 meters off the coast of Tweed Heads, NSW. Originally known as Turtle Island, the island boasts fantastic marine and bird life including a high number of Green Turtles. Cook Island is protected as a marine reserve which has enabled the island to become a thriving Mecca for marine life.

About Tweed Seasports

Peter Comerfield, the owner of Tweed Seasports, has been operating dives at Cook Island for 8 years. Peter has extensive experience in the industry and is very well respected. Despite having worked in the dive industry for a long time, Peter has not lost his passion for diving. His enthusiasm is invigorating and contagious! Peter is one of the most active Dive Shops in the area. Peter enjoys organizing dive trips around the world. His has a passion for exploration and sharing the experience with both new and experienced divers.

Tweed Seasports is a PADI affiliated store and caters for all ages, courses and skill levels. Peter also runs dives in Tweed River and 9 Mile. All three dive sites boast different marine life and diving experiences. The variation between dive sites ensures that divers to do not become complacent with overly familiar dive locations.

What Can You Expect to See Whilst Diving with Tweed Seasports Dive?

The conditions at Cook Island are typically very good with visibility reaching up to 30 meters. The island has both sheltered and un-protected sides which adds to the variety of activities and lessons on offer. Cook Island receives a lot of migratory animals and like most other dive locations the location transforms entirely at night time. 

  • Green Sea Turtles, 
  • Cow Tail Rays, 
  • Common Rays, 
  • Moray Eels, 
  • Nudibranchs, 
  • Lion Fish, 
  • Manta Rays, 
  • Humpback Whales, 
  • Leopard Sharks, 
  • Eagle Rays, 
  • Lobsters, 
  • Starfish, 
  • Wobbegongs, and so much more. 

Dive Flag App Rating

Tweed Seasports comes highly regarded as North New South Wales' most professional, fun and safe diving operator. Cook Island is such a fun and exciting place to dive. Typically marine life can be very difficult to predict but the fact that Cook Island is a marine sanctuary there is always something exciting to see. This is why diving at Cook Island is never a disappointment. 

  • Equipment - 5/5
  • Professionalism - 5/5
  • Friendliness - 5/5
  • Dive Experience - 5/5
  • Price - 5/5
  • Safety - 5/5

How to Get in Touch With Them

To connect with Tweed Seasports and learn about specials, competitions or simply view some of their exciting photos, add them on Facebook. If you would like more information about their charters including pricing and availability, visit their website.

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