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SilverSwift Cairns

SilverSwift – The Great Barrier Reef

Location: Flynn Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Cairns is one of Australia’s largest cities along the Great Barrier Reef with a population around 125,000. As such it comes as no surprise that there are many dive operators based out of the city. Every operator has a point of difference with no direct competition between one another. Each operator also pride themselves on having their own unique dive spots.

The trick to picking a dive operator in Cairns is to know exactly what type of dive experience you’re after, before getting started. Some operators specialize in live-aboard dive trips, some specialize in day trips and others specialize in facility based training. If you’re not quite sure what type of dive experience you’re after then you’re going to have a mountain of information to sort through. Below is why we chose SilverSwift.

About SilverSwift

SilverSwift pride themselves in having a vessel built for comfort. Silverswift is a modern, luxurious and spacious 29 meter high speed catamarans, custom-designed for the best Great Barrier Reef experience. On board control systems ensure the smoothest possible journey out to the Reef. With travelling speeds of up-to 32 knots, diving with SilverSwift ensures you spend less time getting there and more time diving. SilverSwift boast five hours of actual reef time. The vessel is equipped with hydraulic platforms to allow easy water access, the latest dive and snorkel equipment and change rooms and hot freshwater showers.

Upon boarding SilverSwift provide a gourmet breakfast including focaccias, muffins and cakes. Lunch is a delicious hot and cold buffet.

All dives are guided by friendly, helpful and charismatic divers. Although the boats are built to cope with over 130 passengers SilverSwift ensure that passenger numbers never exceed 85 to ensure a comfortable and personalized day.SilverSwift cater to Introductory Divers, Certified Divers and Snorkelers. If you're done diving for the day SilverSwift encourage you to snorkel around the shallow reef formations ensuring that you get the best value for money.

What Can You Expect to See Whilst Diving with SilverSwift?

As explained by our Dive Guide, Sean Messenger, the SilverSwift vessel is a joy to work on. Sean himself has already spent the last 7 years working aboard the vessel and has a very keen knowledge and understanding of SilverSwift’s dive sites. Dive sites include a selection of 16 spectacular outer reef sites at Millen, Flynn, Thetford & Pellowe reefs. SilverSwift day trips ensure you can enjoy one, two or even up to three different environments in one day. Whilst diving with SilverSwift Dive Flag App members saw the following:

  • Large Moray Eels,
  • Hawkes Bill and Green Turtles,
  • Clownfish,
  • Maori Wrasse,
  • Numerous Coral Species,
  • 20m Visibility,
  • White Tip Reef Sharks,
  • Nudibranchs,
  • Turtle Weed,
  • Giant Clams,
  • Sea Cucumbers, and much more.

If you would like to see photos of what you can expect to find at the reef visit: The Great Barrier Reef Facebook page.

Dive Flag App Rating

SilverSwift come highly recommended by Dive Flag App. If the above information is not enough information for you to pick SilverSwift as your day trip dive operator in Cairns, SilverSwift welcome any questions you may have.
  • Equipment - 5/5
  • Professionalism - 5/5
  • Friendliness - 5/5
  • Dive Experience - 5/5
  • Price - 5/5
  • Safety - 5/5

With SilverSwift - no diver is allowed to dive unguided. Dive Flag App highly recommended that you part-take in a guided dive as the Guides encourage you to interact with some of the marine life, know all the hot spots and provide such a high end service. 

At the end of the day, the on board photographer will put all of his photos on display. You can then  purchase any of the photos as a printed hard copy or a soft copy on CD. 

How to Get in Touch With Them

To connect with SilverSwift and learn about specials, competitions or simply view some of their exciting photos, add them on Facebook. If you would like more information about their charters including pricing and availability, visit their website.

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Have you been diving with SilverSwift? If so, we would love to hear your opinion, please comment below.

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