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Devocean Dive – Gold Coast Seaway

Location: Gold Coast Seaway, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

The Gold Coast is located in South East Queensland, Australia. Devocean Dive operate shore dives in the Gold Coast Seaway. The Gold Coast Seaway is considered to be one of the most exciting, vibrant and diverse marine habitats on the Gold coast. Marine life varies between seasons, times of the day and in which sector of the Seaway you decide to dive. 

The many features of the Gold Coast Seaway provide for a fantastic learning environment, recreational night diving, shark diving and deep diving. The versatility of this well-known diving location makes it a favorite among local and traveling divers. Furthermore, the Seaway boasts fantastic fishing, boating, kite surfing, beach walking and surfing conditions. Continue reading to learn more about the Gold Coast Seaway. 

About Devocean Dive

Devocean Dive have been operating out of the Gold Coast for 13 years and have grown from strength to strength. Featuring custom built classrooms, a well fitted retail shop and presentation rooms Devocean Dive are one of the most well equipped dive shops on the coast. Owner Shona has been diving around the world and has fallen in love with the Gold Coast.

Devocean Dive are one of the more versatile and comprehensive PADI stores on the Gold Coast. They offer a wide variety of lessons and activities as well as an easy and flexible learning environment. Whether you're interested in simply hiring gear for the afternoon or evening, returning for a recreational dive or planning on 'going PRO' Devocean Dive can meet your requirements.  

Devocean Dive pride themselves on having a high return rate. I am sure most divers will agree that when you find a trust-worthy, honest and fun dive operator you stick to them like glue. This can be the difference between loving diving and dreading it - so if you're hoping to get your friend or family member hooked - take them to Devocean Dive because they never disappoint. 

Devocean Dive take safety seriously. Before every dive, divers receive a comprehensive dive briefing, and buddy check. All divers are then helped into and out of the water by dive Guides. If you're looking for a very easy and fun dive on the Gold Coast the Spit is worth checking out!

What Can You Expect to See Whilst Diving with Devocean Dive?

The Gold Coast Seaway acts as a highway for marine life in-to and out-of the Gold Coast Channels. Furthermore, migratory species like humpback whales and manta rays are known to stop in. 

  • Humpback Whales, 
  • Moray Eels, 
  • Green Turtles, 
  • King Fish, 
  • Bull Sharks, 
  • Eagle Rays, 
  • Sea Horse, 
  • Wide Eyed Travallie, 
  • Nudibranchs, 
  • Manta Rays,
  • Octopuses,
  • Shrimp,
  • Squid,
  • Dolphins, 
  • Dugongs, and so much more. 

Dive Flag App Rating

Devocean Dive have a high retention rate for a number of clear reasons. Owner Shona is delightful, friendly, and honest. Her love for diving is contagious and long lasting. Devocean Dive come highly recommended by Dive Flag App. Should you require equipment, a guided dive or training Devocean dive are well priced, accessible and easy to deal with.

  • Equipment - 5/5
  • Professionalism - 5/5
  • Friendliness - 5/5
  • Dive Experience - 4/5
  • Price - 5/5
  • Safety - 5/5

Devocean Dive arrange regular dive trips in collaboration with other local and international dive shops. This encourages excitement, variety and ensures divers do not become complacent. This is important in ensuring divers remain safe and continually increasing their skill base. 

How to Get in Touch With Them

To connect with Devocean Dive and learn about specials, competitions or simply view some of their exciting photos, add them on Facebook. If you would like more information about their charters including pricing and availability, visit their website.

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